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Learning tmux and mastering Vim.

I've been learning the ins and outs of tmux (terminal multiplexer) for my efficiency at work. This tool is similar to GNU screen, except that it acts as a server with different sessions. Simultaneous attachments to the same session are permitted so multiple people can collaborate on the same project. In each session you can have multiple windows and panes. In addition, the panes can be organized in several ways (including a tile, which I thought was very nice).

A blog post.

I've been busy keeping up with the demand that employers require from IT administration / automation engineers. This includes mastery of various subjects things on my end.

See it in action.

root@mail:~# ./ by kinesis (
                        Usage: ./ <arg> <chroot path> [RPM or executable]

                        Valid arguments are:
                          --mysql               - Jails MySQL
                          --nginx               - Jails nginx
                          --php-fpm             - Jails php-fpm

Welcome to

Welcome to my personal site.

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